• 20+ years of delivering premium maritime solutions. We invest in innovative brands and create collaboration to bring digitalization to Maritime Business Management


    We are an independent Swiss based maritime technology and investment group, creating digital products to simplify Ship Management, connecting Technology Process & People. Our team delivers innovative solutions benefiting partners and clients. Embrace digitalization to grow your maritime business. Reach us to know more about our products and services used on 2000+ vessels by clients worldwide.


    Swiss Maritime Group was established by a team of experienced maritime industry professionals to help companies build a collaborative environment for business management. We invest and partner to bring world class technology solutions to digitize technical, safety, crewing, finance and operations processes. We further help utilize data from modules for digitalization and useful insights, all in one innovative platform, web and mobile ready. Empowering an industry which moves 90% of world trade by sea. Our group companies have collective industry experience of more than 50 years in Maritime, delivering technology solutions and services both on board vessels and ashore to ship owners, managers & vendors.


    We do not just develop products or services, we first listen to your problems, and collaborate to implement best in class business solutions, let us join hands to innovate in Maritime. Our Product team consists of former seafarers, ship managers, technology experts and professionals with more than 100 years collective industry experience. Efficient digital solutions to help information sharing and decision making within your organization and external partners. Improve Business processes and efficiency. Innovate the way you do maritime business. Partner with us to build right digital solutions for Maritime Fleet Management, doing that with years of industry expertise.


    Best in the industry cloud based Fleet Management platform, Technical, Safety, Crewing, Procurement, Vendor Contracts, Electronic Invoicing, all in one. Used by 1200+ vessels, 24,000+ suppliers, 20+ clients. Advanced Analytics & Alerts for Business Decisions.


    Web Platform with Advanced Crewing Functions and Automation. Innovate the way you manage processes, starting from Manning Agent process automations, travel ticketing, to Official Crew Social Network for feedbacks and interviews.


    Optimize your fleet and corporate accounting. Maximize financial visibility and profitability. Enhance decision making. Improve financial controls and growth using financial reporting, embedded analytics, and AI-driven insights.


    Aadvanced Technology Platform for Maritime Vendors, business dashboard, automate price catalogue, faster purchase orders, electronic invoicing, all in one platform improving process efficiency for your team and clients


    Innovations in Maritime Data Management & Analytics. Platform helps share data across organizations via integrations and API's for greater business benefits. Connect to 78,000+ Machinery Database & access to live Price Catalogue of 24,000+ Vendors.


    Train your Ship Staff with our advanced learning platform easy to access from web and mobile. A modern CBT for Ship Managers, Seafarers, Delivers new or refresh STCW certificates. CLASS certified.

    Innovative solutions for ship management. Efficient, easy to implement, user friendly & scalable products to focus on your business growth. Built by maritime industry experts & technologists. We partner with brands sharing same passion for business process digitalization. Together we bring greater benefits to our clients, Backed by ship owners, maritime technology advisors and innovators.
    05+ Innovative Brands
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    10+ Digital Products
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    70+ Ports Covered
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