Free Procurement & Invoicing platform for Maritime Industry

Use Mespas Connect to simplify your procurement

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Still getting PDF and excel quotations from suppliers ? Pile of invoices on your desk, or struggle managing soft copy invoices via email and repetetive work for staff ?


Move Online with us for procurement, help your users with process automation, fast online quotations, electronic invoicing, mobile order approval and status updates while you are out of desk. Completely free of charge !


  • Mespas connect is already integrated with major suppliers as they can quote quick, avoid manual quotations.
  • 25,000+ vendors globally are directly quoting online via system, ship managers receive 95% online quotations 
  • Comes free with Online Invoicing and can interfaced to your finance system if required.
  • Auto Invoice Approval function if it matches purchase order value and required condititions.
  • Managers get free mobile app to monitor status of orders, approve requests, orders invoices etc on the move, even when you are travelling.
  • No cost to Ship Managers and no locked in contract, as the platform is getting really popular with suppliers as they get a complete vendor ERP free with invoices and dashboards.
  • Releasing soon "QuickBuy" feature where you will see direct price catalogue of suppliers and service providers to compare - send direct orders without need of enquiry.