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FastTrack your digitalization journey with a strong and proven technology foundation. Let it be a fleet of 50 vessels or 500 vessels. Our solutions can be deployed faster and efficient, the unique cloud central data concept and subject matter expert product team to help you from beginning to end of project, delivering solutions on time and further support with API, data analytics and more. Partner for a long term business collaboration in maritime digitalization.

What makes you stand out from the rest in business ?
How can we run processes more efficiently ?
How can our team collaborate faster for right information and timely decision making ?
These are questions repeated at strategy meetings in organizations of any size. Find the right partner who can constantly help you innovate, sharing the same passion to digitize and digitalize business processes.


Make your business processes meaningful and efficient, by using right digital tools to collaborate within organization and externally with clients and partners; one of the key reasons why everyone would love to work with your brand and business.


Our technical ship management software enables our customers in the maritime industry to run their ships safely and efficiently, resulting in better performance, decreased costs and lower emissions.

Our e-trading platform allows ships, management offices and suppliers to digitally place and receive offers, orders and invoices. We are the only digital platform in the maritime industry whose products are provided on cloud-based software, with a unique library of millions of machine types, spare parts and documents, all instantly available to our customers to improve their business processes. Every vessel in your fleet works with the same dataset. Correct, consistent, secure data guaranteed. Installed in your fleet within weeks. No expensive infrastructure required. Automatic updates and user-friendly features for your team.

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The best cloud Technical Ship Management solution out there, used by reputed industry clients on 1200+ vessels. Our centralized cloud data concept helps fast implementation and connects to 25,000+ vendors for quick price catalogues, contract management, mobile app for procurement approvals, electronic invoices and more.

Unique database of 78,000+ machinery details, spare parts, service letters and documents are regularly updated from makers for accurate data management and timely updates. Our team of subject matter experts is all set to innovate with new and advanced features regularly to help you automate entire fleet management processes.

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Reach us, we listen to your digitalization needs, and deliver suitable solutions to fast track your processes.

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