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    Delivering process efficiency and better digital solutions to those working on board and ashore in maritime.






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  • Our Brands | Digitalize & Automate your Fleet Management Processes

    SMG is a collaboration of integrated software brands helping to digitize and digitalize complete fleet management processes. Our team keeps delivering useful features which are future ready, fast to implement and easy to use. Helps you collaborate better and faster internally within departments, your crew, and with external partners for right decision making.

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    • Fleet Maintenance
    • Mobile solution to record jobs
    • Procurement Apps
    • Vendor Contracts & e-Invoicing
    • Safety Management
    • Inspection Apps
    • e-Documents & e-Forms
    • Budgeting
    • Daily Reporting
    • Business Intelligence, API's
    • Trusted by 60+ clients and 1300+ vessels.
    • Central data of 78,000+ Machineries and Spare parts for quick installations.
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    • Advanced Planning
    • Portal for Crew
    • Automate Crew Documents
    • Digital Contracts
    • Travel & Ticketing
    • Training Matrix
    • e-Appraisal
    • Crew Payrolls
    • Rest Hour Records
    • News & Circulars to Fleet
    • API & Business Intelligence
    • 28,000+ crew and 400+ vessels connected online.
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    • Fleet Accounting
    • Corporate Accounting
    • Automate OPEX report
    • Payment Handling
    • Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Maximize financial visibility
    • Track profitability
    • Enhance decision making
    • Improve financial controls
    • Financial reporting
    • Analytics, AI-driven insights.
    • Trusted by Public Listed Ship Owners and Managers.
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    • Join 24,000+ suppliers
    • Business Dashboard
    • Team Management
    • To Do List
    • Integrated Ship to Shore,1000+ vessels
    • Fast Procurement
    • Advertise Products
    • Price Catalogues
    • Contract Management
    • Visibility to Buyers
    • Increase Order Volume
    • Electronic Quotations
    • e-Invoicing
    • Receive Feedbacks
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    • Manage all technical projects in one place
    • Work remotely and collaborate with external partners
    • Real time cost and progress control - transparent
    • Plan procurement and benchmark across the fleet
    • Contextualized vessels and component information
    • Used by 900+ vessels
    • 600+ projects managed digitally


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    Group of Brands and Professionals focused on improving Asset Management & Life at Work, with efficient Digital strategies & Tech innovations for Maritime Business

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    Technology has not made us work less, instead we have accomplished more. Businesses grow faster and bigger with reduced effort and cost, creating more opportunities for people, to work with quality and precision. An experienced team of maritime professionals and brands innovating ship management processes with help of technology.