Crew Management Digitalization

Save valuable time for your Crew and Office Staff

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Add highest level of automation and efficiency to you teams work. Innovate digitally; don’t get left behind in the race to find and retain talented and quality staff, both on board and ashore.


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  • Have you automated your crew management processes on board ships and in office ?
  • Still requesting crew to send documents and licenses by email ?
  • Hours wasted in finding documents by email, uploading licenses and contracts, everything managed manually by your office staff to old software and databases ?
  • Have you realized the difficulty of crew management staff wasting time sending travel requests to agents, emails after emails ?
  • How are you digitizing and digitalizing these processes ?

Spending less on process automations and loading manual work to your ship staff and office staff can lead to critical crew planning issues. You should be focusing on making life of staff on board and in office more efficient, so everyone can focus on the real work of managing ships.

Your travel partners, agents and others will see that working with your brand is an enjoyable and efficient experience, as you deliver the right digital tools to collaborate online.


Reach us and see how we help you innovate crew management processes, using our advanced digital platform. Connecting your Crew, Offices, Travel, Training, Agents and everyone, all in one platform.


  • Crew Portal to Manage, upload, update all documents by crew.
  • Access to ship staff personal information online. View monthly wages, contracts and more.
  • Digital Contracts, Company Specific Documents and Appraisal forms, access from anywhere.
  • Keep connected to your crew, even while on leave, get readiness dates and more.
  • Send timely newsletters to staff related to crew matters.
  • Alert required trainings direct to crew via platform, track when courses are completed.
  • Automate and track entire crew planning, travel documents, flight tickets, hotel expenses.
  • Everything in platform including budget tracking to see where you are spending.
  • Fleetwide visibility of who is available to join, crewmatrix, training matrix and more.
  • Advanced reports and business intelligence.
  • Our Subject matter expert team continuously adds usefulfeatures.
  • Automated and timely software updates, efficient and fast.
  • Broswer based access and offshore server options suiting your vessels infrastructure needs.
  • No IT overheads, we manage everything for your team.


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